Thursday, April 22, 2010


We have entered what I am afraid will turn into a very uncomfortable time. We have entered the time of "No Authority." Now, I don't mean by this that the anarchists are at the gate. Only that there appear to be no voices in our society that we can point to as being correct. No one from whom we know we will get the truth.

We have politicians calling other politicians names. We have cable networks putting up false pictures of events and characterizing our leaders as Commies and Nazis (ya, they don't care much for intellectual consistency) while the so called Main Stream Media chases after the latest sex scandal involving either a politician or a sports figure. We have U.S Senators standing up in front of the cameras and just plain lying about what is contained in a bill.

So then we must look to that beacon of moral certainty, the Church. Oops, maybe not the best choice, what with the Pope involved in moving pedophile priests around. And there's always Pat Robertson blaming the latest natural disaster on The Wrath of God! I guess that Pat hasn't seen an earthquake or flood that he can't use. To bad about the people, but they got what they deserved, don't ya know.

If anyone offers an opinion in the public arena these days you can bet that the counter opinion will be tweeted, posted and announced within minutes. Who can we trust? Who?

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