Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well now. The blinking cursor is much scarier when I realize that what I type will be "out there" racing around the tubes of the internets. (Ya, that was an attempt at humor. Get used to it.)

What, you may ask, is a reasonable curmudgeon? Blogger

A curmudgeon's reputation for malevolence is undeserved. They're neither warped nor evil at heart. They don't hate mankind, just mankind's absurdities. They're just as sensitive and soft-hearted as the next guy, but they hide their vulnerability beneath a crust of misanthropy. They ease the pain by turning hurt into humor. . . . . . They attack maudlinism because it devalues genuine sentiment. . . . . . Nature, having failed to equip them with a serviceable denial mechanism, has endowed them with astute perception and sly wit.

OK, I agree with all of that. So, why reasonable you ask. Because I like to think that while I may have strong opinions, they have been formed after much thought and reasoning. I don't have an ideology to push other than a firm belief that thinking, reasonable people can discuss ideas with each other and not resort to shouting, or shooting, down each other. Of course, if history is any example, then I'm completely nuts and should probably keep my head down when I leave the house.

The biographical information under ABOUT ME is limited to 1,200 characters so I'm going to add a short list of some of the things I've done and some of my interests. My intention is to post on many related and unrelated topics. I've found that as I get older (I'll never tell) my interests seem to multiply. It's natures little trick, you see. When you finally have lots of things that interest you, you discover that the time available to pursue those interests is limited. Oh well.

I have been a roofer, a siding mechanic, a framing carpenter and a remodeling contractor. I started two construction businesses while I was getting an undergraduate degree in Sociology. I've raised Quarter Horses (lovely and wonderful animals) beef cattle (just enough for the freezer and butchered 'em myself, thank you) chickens, turkeys, ducks and sheep (not so wonderful animals). I got a law degree and practiced law in a small town for 14 years. With my second, and current, wife (the Queen of the Frontier) I helped own and operate two national franchise fast food restaurants. Ya, those guys. We also bought an Italian deli and catering business, started another sit down deli/cafe and learned (the hard way) that after the hurricane takes away all of your business you need to quit, not just keep going on wishes and hopes.

Let's see. I was the campaign manager for a friend running for Sheriff (he lost) and started a home decor business (another hurricane victim). I've played guitar for over forty years and someday I might get good at it. I've played with a jazz trio, a soft rock duo and a great friend who sang and played oldies. Never made a dime but boy was it fun. I've taught Paralegal classes and lectured on advertising and marketing. I've written and read over 150 radio commercials and produced ads, flyers and brochures for all of the businesses we owned. Oh ya, I was a Real Estate Broker for 4 years. The housing crash put an end to that.

So that's some of the experiences I bring to the blog. I may, or may not, post about things that I've done. I will post about politics and what is happening in the world. Science will creep in now and then as well as thoughts on religion, humor, life and just about everything. It's my blog, ya know.

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