Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just for fun I've posted a piece I wrote some 17 years ago about the time I got the chance to help set off fourth of July fireworks. Here's the link and a taste.

What was a 43 year old lawyer doing on a barge in the middle of the Ohio River with a half ton of explosives?

The Fourth of July! Independence Day! Fireworks! Was there a boy alive in these United States whose heart didn't beat faster at the thought?

Flags and parades and marching bands are fine. Picnics and hotdogs and outdoor games are just great.

But FIREWORKS! They're the very essence of this country's annual birthday extravaganza. Pictures of firecrackers exploding form the background of newspaper ads for weeks in advance of the big day. Television gives us shells star-bursting in the background as the car/furniture/swimming pool salesman offers that special sale price in celebration of the Fourth.

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