Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here are some words that we heard a lot over the past eight years. It seems that some of us need to hear them some more.

Terrorism is a policy or ideology of violence intended to intimidate or cause terror for the purpose of exerting pressure on decision making by state bodies.

Terrorism is more commonly understood as an act which (1) is intended to create fear (terror).

A person who practices terrorism is a terrorist.

Terrified: To drive or impel by menacing: Scare.

So, now we find that the people who are the most bowel twisting terrified of captured terrorists that they're falling over each other to be the first to say, "don't send them here," are (mostly) Republican elected officials.

I'm speaking of course of the vocal pushback to the idea of housing Gitmo detainees in the good old USA. I touched on this in an earlier post entitled "THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR...", but the apostles of NIMBY are getting particularly shrill of late. I wonder if any of them understand that their position, as Sarah Palin said during the campaign, "Waves the white flag of surrender?"

That's right folks. If you're so terrified of the detainees and their friends that you want to write a law to forever prevent them from being imprisoned on US soil then you have surrendered to the terrorists. You have given up and run off the field with your tail between your legs. I can't put in any more bluntly (well I could, but it wouldn't be fit for the children to hear) .

Theirs isn't a reasoned position based on how poorly we as a nation keep and house our prisoners. Since most of the folks who now have their hands waving over their heads are the same bunch that helped create the largest and most secure prison system in the world, they'd have a hard time making that claim. And they're not. They just sort of skip over that fact and get right to the whimpering about how putting these bad boys in our prisons will just make their buddies attack the prisons!? Yep. Last night on the news I heard Senator Inhofe (R - OK) say,

"The problem with that is they(the detainees) become magnets to terrorism…"

How the hell does he know that. Have any places that have housed detainees (you know like Naval Base brigs) been attacked? Ever? No, I'm sorry to say that Inhofe and all the others of like mind are just scared. The terrorists won. They're saying loud and clear "We'll change our behaviour, our laws, our way of doing justice, just please, please mister terrorist, don't terrorize us again." I, for one, find that attitude disgusting. And don't even get me started on the fact that the detainees are only suspected terrorists. Ya, they're so bad ass that we can't even try them like mass murderers or child molesters before we put them in prison for life. Oh no. I'm sure that if the option were open to him, Sen. Inhofe would gladly scream, "Off With Their Heads," at the top of his lungs. They're just sooo scary!


I just heard on CNN that the Dems voted to keep detainees out of the country. They are just as terrorized as the GOP. Disgusting!

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