Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The recent 747 New York photo flyover mess makes me wonder, are there still Bush era hires in place in the Obama administration? I mean, it has only been a little over 100 days since the new administration took office. Have they had time to replace everyone on down the bureaucracy?

I suppose it really doesn't matter, but the flyover was just so stupid that it put me in mind of the incompetence parade of the past eight years. What didn't get a lot of attention in the Bush years was that many of their interns and hires came from that bastion of higher learning, Patrick Henry Collage.

Good old PHC. A Liberal Arts institution founded in 1998 and opened in 2000, PHC was finally accredited in 2007. Wait, it gets better. The founder, and president, is one Michael Farris who is also the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association. The HSLDA is now headquartered at PHC. The express intent of the college is to offer a place for Christian home schooled students to attend college.

Yes, I'm being a bit snarky. Rather than proceed with what will seem to be a biased interpretation of the facts, I will simply link the reader to a very well researched Wikipedia entry and to a 2004 article. You can be the judge of whether the hiring of this particular school's students and graduates contributed to the most incompetent administration in our countries history, or not.

Me, I just hope that the Obama administration gets all of their hiring done soon.

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