Thursday, March 6, 2014


The recent trial of Micheal Dunn in Florida got me to thinking. Dunn is the guy who fired 10 times into an SUV because the music was too loud. Three shots hit and killed 17 year old Jordan Davis and the other 7 missed his three friends who were also in the car. Dunn ended up with a mistrial on the charge of murder, but was convicted on three counts of attempted murder. This somewhat goofy outcome I'll save for another time. What I find interesting are the charges he was convicted on.

It would seem that the prosecution choose to file only three attempted murder charges because there were three potential victims, not counting Mr. Davis who he actually hit. The Florida statute doesn't make that distinction, so I can only assume that this was a decision made by the prosecutor.

So, here's my idea and I would think that both the liberal gun control types and the NRA would be all for this. If you fire a gun intentionally in the direction of another human being each and every bullet fired counts as an attempted murder. Now, there could be mitigating circumstances that the defense could argue, such as, "I shot at the ground to scare them off," or some such, but in general if the bullet flies toward people that's attempted murder. In the Dunn case that would mean 7 counts carrying up to 20 years each.

But even better, this would be a way to discourage the use of giant magazines by criminals. Conservatives are always telling us that criminal punishment acts as a deterrent to future crime. The entire death penalty system is built upon that foundation. Mandatory minimum sentences are supposed to act as a deterrent to others contemplating selling drugs, etc. So there you go. If Mr. Criminal loads up his AK-47 with a banana clip of 30 rounds and fires away at some other gang bangers, he should face 30 charges of attempted murder. Put in that new barrel clip that holds 100. Oh ya, he's going to prison for a long time!

Gun control advocates have been wanting to ban high capacity magazines, but this could, over time, produce the same result. NRA types want the laws enforced and would never be in favor of shooting at people who didn't already threaten them. You want to load up your MAC-10 with 30 rounds at the gun range, have at it. One could also use monster clips for hunting, but I suspect that a little peer pressure from other hunters might put a stop to that.

So, there you go. If you like the idea spread it around. If not, tell me why in the comments. I promise to check them.

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